Krystal 93 has Summit County’s only local radio news reporter and news director, Phil Lindeman. We are committed to reporting on the issues that matter most to you - news, weather, traffic and community events.. We are Summit County’s highway information station -- keeping you informed while we play you the best music on the airwaves.

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    Cutting the ribbon on the big, shiny, multi-million dollar world headquarters for @Summit_Fire
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    Your Krystal media team, circa 2093, and STILL lookin good! Leave us your best caption (we know you want to...) th……
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    BREAKING: Firefighters are battling a structure fire on peak 7 in #Breckenridge, tune into Krystal 93 at 4 and 5pm……
    @Krystal93Radio 20 hours ago
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    The fallout is real in New Mexico, where 74 years ago this week the U.S. tested the first nuclear bombs... and didn……
    @Krystal93Radio 23 hours ago

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Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels - East

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About Phil Lindeman

Phil Lindeman is Krystal 93’s news director. He reports on the news that truly matters to people who live, work and play in Summit County. He is also the only local radio news reporter in the county. Phil says, “I’m honored to man the news studio at Krystal 93, bringing you the latest, breaking news from every corner of Summit County.”