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LDFR1st Wildfire in Summit County  put out quickly

Lake Dillon firefighters fought a small wildfire amid snow drifts on the shore of the Dillon Reservoir Wednesday evening, potentially signaling an unseasonably early start to fire season. “We had two inches of snow in the morning,” said Lake Dillon Fire Deputy Chief Jeff Berino. “I’m amazed that it burned, but it just shows what can happen even at this time of year.”

The fire, confined to about a tenth of an acre in brush and downed trees, was reported about 5:45 p.m. near Giberson Bay on the northwest side of the reservoir. A half-dozen firefighters worked about 45 minutes to put out the fire, just a few hours ahead of an approaching winter storm.  It is believed to have been caused by an unattended campfire, although no culprit was identified.

State patrol car.jpg2 Arrested in Road Rage on I-70

Authorities arrested two people wanted in New Mexico in connection with a road rage shooting on I-70 that began in Glenwood Canyon and ended at the Main Street exit in Frisco. Vail Police say two drivers in a BMW and a Mitsubishi were involved. Police say one of the drivers fired a handgun at one point, but they did not specify which driver. No one was hurt.  Authorities learned the Mitsubishi was reported stolen in New Mexico. The driver, 29-year-old Manuel Jose Serrano-Lerma, and his passenger, 21-year-old Chelsey Jacobs, also had active felony warrants in New Mexico.



hamner.jpgGOP & DEMS Work together to Expand "Vonnie's Law"

A Democrat and a Republican in Colorado have worked together to bring about an expansion of "Vonnie's Law" to protect victims of sexual assault.  State Senator John Cooke of Greeley, a Republican, teamed up with Representative Millie Hamner of Dillon, a Democrat to add extra protection for victims of sexual assault with HB 1060, which was signed into law by the Governor.  I asked Representative Hamner what those extra protections entailed...Millie Hamner