Fresh Tracks Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we celebrate new music releases during “Fresh Tracks Tuesday.” New tracks from new artists, along with the latest from bands we have known for awhile. All day Tuesday is Fresh Tracks Tuesday, with more new music releases every Fresh Tracks Tuesday!

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Zach Gill and the guys put out one of their most diverse records to date last summer titled Tangle Of Time. Check out the track "Not Old Yet".



Record Company.jpg

The Record Company

The Record Company write and play raw, sincere rock n' roll. Influenced by the rough honesty of their heroes - blues-men like John Lee Hooker, early punk bands like The Stooges, and rock greats like The Rolling Stones. Their debut album Give It Back To You drops on February 12th. Check out the track "Off The Ground".

Ben Harper.jpg

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Call It What It Is available April 8th is the first release from Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals since 2007. They have a show at Red Rocks June 28th. Check out the new single "Pink Balloon".


Cerny Brothers

The brothers based out of L.A. released Sleeping Giant last year and take a rootsy angle to their music. "Middle Of Winter" is another great song from their album.