Krystal 93 DJ's 

With varying degrees of radio and life experiences the Krystal 93 air staff are a unique bunch. Usually found out on the slopes, lakes, local rivers, softball fields or dog parks the Krystal 93 DJ is a true Summit County character. If you're lucky enough to spot one at a local watering hole pull up a stool and you just might hear some stories that you won't catch on the radio.  

IM_TOMBOAT.jpgTom Fricke (Mornings 6am-Noon on Krystal)

Diagnosed at an early age with a genuine lack of any musical talent, Tom was never invited to campfire sing-a-longs as his camp counselors feared his wailing would attract unwanted and unruly wildlife. Tom would never even attempt to sing in the shower fearing his eardrums would bleed. With the inability to actually create anything of musical value himself, Tom turned to playing records for his friends. This, in turn, led to a long career playing records on the radio. 



Michael Klepper (Ops Mgr. Streamin'93, 7a-10am)

Born and raised in the wilds of West Trenton, New Jersey but with luck and cunning I was able to escape to the bustling town of Farmville, VA where I attended Longwood College. It was there that I learned the college radio station was a great place to hide from professors.  I learned to ski during family vacations to Vail and Beaver Creek and after several years in the Old Dominion, I could no longer ignore the pull of the great Rocky Mountains. I tried the Front Range for some years before I found a map and learned that the mountains and the coolest music are all located west of the big city. My cattle dog, Bogan is the mayor of Carter Park and Mount Baldy. When I first moved to Summit County I paid my dues living in a house with 9 people, 5 dogs and a cat! Now that's how you earn your turns in The Mountains!!! 

TJ Picedit.jpgTJ Sanders (Afternoons 2pm-7pm on Krystal)

I have been working at Krystal 93 since June 12th, 2000. There is some history here, I started out doing weekend morning news, then in the fall of 2002 I was promoted to music director and full-time on-air personality. I always wanted to be a DJ and make my home in a resort town. I try to get outside in the morning at least 4 days a week. From time to time foul weather keeps me indoors, that's when I rewrite my bio.

Michael Profile.edit.jpgMichael Ronnebaum (News, Noon-2p on Krystal)

Born in Florida – bred in Kansas – now hanging in the high country.  A recent grad from the Metropolitan State University in Denver – I studied Broadcast Journalism and Philosophy – in hopes of being POTUS.  Long story short – I am a huge Jayhawker with a new affinity for the mountain life.  I became interested in news at a young age and want to create up to date and accurate news for those in the high country.  Whenever I am not in the station – I relax with a 6 string and like to yell at politicians on the television – even though they can’t hear what I say.  The best part about living to the high country – the views, the activities, and of course the people.  

anotherface.jpgKatrina B. (Sales/On-air Weekends, 6a-Noon)

Born in New Jersey, grew up in Maine, studied abroad in England, lived in Providence, Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs, and now Summit County. I started in radio in 2008 doing weekend nights on a rock station (WHXR), and worked my way up to middays on Classic Hits (WFNK) and became Promotions Director in Portland, ME. Radio has afforded me the opportunity to meet and mingle with Steven Tyler, Slash, James Hetfield, The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, and many more...why am I telling you this? Because hey, every job has its perks. My Dad was a hippie and went to Woodstock and my Mom always made me listen to Simon and Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac, so I owe my love of music to them. In the evening, I can be found with a glass of red, paints and pallet in hand, and vinyl blasting OR cooking up some tasty grub. By day, I’m all about yoga, lifting weights, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, and falling all over the bike path on my long board. I do not like lima beans, saltwater taffy, or bad drivers.

Chris Bio.edit.jpg

Lawler (Weekends Noon-8p on Krystal)

I moved here in 2010 to retire.  The question was, retire from what?  I love living in the high country; from its epic winters to the gorgeous summers, there is always something happening in the high country of Colorado. I love getting out on the powder in the winter, then hiking and camping in the summer. Keeping life simple makes me happy. Born to perform, I have been acting since I was 5, directed my first film at 15, and then went on to study broadcasting and video game design in high school and college. I love working at Krystal 93, learning and growing with each new challenge. No big city needed for this guy, life already moves fast enough. Taking things easy is the only way to be.