Krystal 93 FAQ

Twenty-five years ago Krystal 93 was born in Frisco in the heart of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, Krystal has grown and become recognized as the finest independent radio station in the West.  Just as a newborn, then toddler, then teenager spreads her wings and stretches into a self-aware young adult, Krystal has explored and learned from her surroundings, reflecting her independence as she has come into her own.

Yes, independence is the key to our uniqueness at Krystal 93.  We have one owner -- the same owner who put the station on the air in 1988.   We are not big city radio, owned by a huge conglomerate business network with disc jockeys and news announcers hundreds of miles away.  We are a part of our community -- live and local 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We live in Summit County, play here, and work here every day, just as many of our listeners do.  We have an independent music director who selects our music, a news director who gathers our local news, and we have the same on-air voices and team of employees you know you can depend upon.  We have a fine network of local and national advertisers with the same goals of serving our community.  And we are immediate.  We can respond to your questions and needs immediately and reach thousands of listeners.

Ah, the beautiful Krystal 93.  She was born in May of 1988 and named for the “Krystal clear” mountain air, the “Krystal clear” signal emanating from 11,000 feet to the surrounding valleys below, the “Krystal” in the earliest radios sending signals to eager listeners, the “Krystal” clear blue waters of Colorado’s pristine rivers and lakes, and the glorious snow “Krystals” which cover our beautiful Colorado mountains in winter.  This is the heart of Krystal -- beating through the years to reflect the magnificent home in which she lives.

Through the years, we have had some growing pains, which we have stretched through and grown into the finest radio station in Summit County and some say in all the West.  We were first Krystal 92.3 FM before moving to Krystal 93.9 FM.  With translators at Vail and Graymont, we expanded to Krystal 93.1 FM in the Vail Valley and Krystal 92.3 FM on the Eastern side of the Eisenhower Tunnel.  Our FM signal now stretches along the I-70 corridor from Bakerville to Edwards, and north and south from Kremmling to Hoosier Pass.  Our listeners can tune in to Krystal in their homes and cars throughout the Rockies, and they can stream us online anytime, anywhere at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Here at Krystal 93, we have been committed to Summit County and our surrounding  communities every day for 25 years, giving our listeners the best newsgathering, weather reports, road information, snow reports, and lifestyle reporting for the Colorado Rockies.  We take our charge seriously that we are THE radio station of the Rockies, and we are involved and interested in our community every hour of the day.  We provide the information listeners need and the music they want, and we listen to their needs and remain committed to that goal. 

Our commitment to excellence goes to every member of our community, whether full time residents, second homeowners, vacationers, skiers, or dreamers who long to experience the beautiful Colorado lifestyle.  It is our pledge to you that we, the dedicated team at Krystal 93, will remain independent, committed, and striving for excellence for another 25 years and beyond.